FAQ About Franchising

The Fishery Brunkebergstorg-Stockholm

What does the cooperation between franchisees and franchisors look like?
Each The Fishery restaurant is based on everyone following the same worked out concept and business system. This ensures, among other things, that the quality, the level of service, the prices and the premises maintain the same high standard everywhere. All restaurants must have the same standard and goals for us to be able to develop together. Therefore, as a franchisor together with the franchisee, we follow up and measure the development of your company in several ways.

How much investment is required to start a restaurant?
First and foremost, the business must be conducted as a limited company. The franchisee is responsible for construction costs and the purchase of furniture and equipment. The Fishery helps you design and draw up the restaurant. The size of the investment depends, among other things, on the premises themselves and in some cases the building costs are even paid in full or in part by the property owner. The fee for the franchisee consists of a signing fee and a monthly percentage of sales that also includes the marketing costs. We are happy to help with financing solutions.

What qualities and prior knowledge should I have if I want to start a The Fishery restaurant?
You do not need to have previous experience in the restaurant industry or in business to start your own The Fishery. We teach you everything you need to know in order to succeed. However, you must be service-minded, positive, willing to work, like The Fishery’s concept, be proactive, solution-oriented and have the will to learn our way of working. The most important thing is a great interest and to believe in what we do together.

How do I learn the job?
To begin with, you will work a few weeks at an existing The Fishery to learn the job. Your employees will also undergo training. We help you with experienced staff during start-up so that everything is in place before you and your staff take over. For the rest of the time, you will receive continuous support to help you sharpen and develop your team and your company.

Who chooses the premises?
Either you have found a good place or we have found a suitable place and are looking for someone who wants to run it. In any case, we want premises in “A locations” where we have as large a customer base of potential guests as possible and preferably in a well-visible street location, a good location in a food court or in a shopping center.

Can I decorate the restaurant on my own?
We follow a clear concept but we can always make small adjustments to your wishes. We are happy to help with contact to craftsmen who have previously built The Fishery restaurants for a more cost-effective construction. Of course, together we must ensure that the restaurant is adapted to the special conditions and opportunities that apply in your particular space. The restaurant must be designed to match the concept and comply with government laws and regulations.

What else should I think about?
It’s a tough job, but incredibly fun and rewarding. You must be prepared to work more than a regular job, at least for the first year. But all the time you invest will benefit yourself. A strong owner contributes to more customers and builds value in the restaurant that you can get out when and if you sell it at some point in the future. When everything is in place and rolling, it is worth all the effort and all the working hours.

Do you have questions?
Email us at franchise@thefisheryfarm.se!