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Become a franchisee with us!
The Fishery’s franchise concept is a combination of a proven business model and a tailored franchise model. We offer modern, well-cooked, innovative and nicely packaged food from the sea. Our dishes are as easy to eat on site as they are to take with you and no dish should take longer than 5 minutes to prepare. There is a focus on sparkling wines such as Champagne, Prosecco and Cava at good prices. We work efficiently and all tasks are easy for the staff to handle, even in a stressful situation.
Our brand is based on three cornerstones:
a sustainable, surprising, fantastically good menu, good hospitality and a warm, pleasant atmosphere. That’s why our guests always recognize themselves when they visit The Fishery, no matter where that particular restaurant is located.
A franchise is based on a collaboration between two entrepreneurs. The franchisor owns the brand and the business idea, while you as a franchisee rent the right to run your own business under the brand and manage it according to set goals and conditions.
A franchise of The Fishery is based on three parts:
1) A strong brand that attracts customers, builds trust, builds loyalty and strengthens marketing.
2) A developed business system helps the franchisee to be efficient in establishing his company, selling his products and serving exactly what customers expect from The Fishery.
3) We centrally offer strong support which is based on experience and knowledge. This helps you, as a franchisee, to develop your business into a functioning and profitable company. Our support can be in the form of financing solutions, training, marketing, personnel, finances and on-site support.

We are looking for franchisees in Sweden: Helsingborg, Gothenburg,
Linköping, Malmö, Uppsala, Umeå, Västerås, Eskilstuna and Örebro.

Europe: Germany, Great Britain, Denmark and the Netherlands.

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