Restaurant Brunkebergstorg

Since September of 2018 we have been housed at Brunkebergstorg 14 along with our sister concept, The Farm Family. What both concepts have in common is the love of well-cooked, healthy dishes prepared from scratch with fresh ingredients and served in a stylish package. Our 2 concepts also share an app that makes ordering ahead super simple and we always have specials for our app users.
We are a restaurant at Brunkebergstorg that focus on creative seasonal salads. Think grilled Swedish chicken with ginger- & chili-pickled pumpkin, charred onion, tomato, fried cauliflower and salt-roasted seeds or roasted oyster mushrooms with brussel sprouts, tofu, tomato and pickled radish dressed with jalapeno-sesame vinaigrette.

As the name reveals, The Fishery focuses on well-cooked fish dishes. Everything from tacos to burgers, with flavors from around the world. Here there is something for all tastes. Our signature dish is the “Crispy Fish”, our take on the classic Fish’n Chips. Our restaurant here in Gallerian is a natural meeting place for lunch, an afterwork or dinner. Here you sit in a spacious room, at large community tables with room for many. In addition to food, you will also find an assortment of well-selected beers and wines.

Restaurang brunkebergstorg