Restaurant Ringen centrum

Teatern food court is the site of our first location and has been a local favorite since. The thoughts about The Fishery began in 2016 when felt we were missing something in fast food, or fast casual if you will. We wanted to do something fun in our profession, try something we have not done before. We wondered why there is no Swedish fish concept within the fast food genre. Of course, there are some obvious minor obstacles such as slightly higher raw material prices and slightly shorter durability of products from the sea if one compare with meat, poultry or vegetables. But the positive sides are incredibly many more: for the brain, the heart, the memory, the vitamins… yes, the list can be made quite long. We then started looking at how we could get past the small obstacles and be able to efficiently serve fresh fish in a food court / fast food environment with large volumes, while keeping the menu above all good, interesting, healthy and economical. All must be served at a fast pace, be great for both dine in & take away and done with unexpectedly good service. We decided to give it a try.

We have come a long way since we opened here in the autumn of 2016. The menu is constantly evolving to be as broad as possible, thoughtful, modern, quick to cook and interesting. And, as always, we have a focus on quality sparkling wines such as Cava, Prosecco and Champagne served at good prices. Teatern is a very unique place. We share the space with 7 other interesting concepts, all led by some of Sweden’s most well known chefs. Lunch, dinner & take away – 7 days per week.

The Fishery Teatern-Ringen-Stockholm